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sk?lpt?? w?ð ta?m : A new solo exhibition of work

The International3, 142 Chapel Street, Salford, M3 6AF

Private View Fri. 8th September 6-9 pm
Open Sat. 9th September 12-5 pm

What is often perceived as the unveiling of time through recorded media, is something which can be considered as situating real time (that is the performance of recorded time in real time). The playback of previously recorded time through materials such in film, video and audio is therefore positioned and reconsidered through re-perception. An exactitude of time in performance creates new space.

For this Installation Ben presents two works that have formed out of his research into the materialism of recorded media as reduced perceptions of time: Firstly, a Vinyl record made from repeated recording processes, an attempt exacting time on each recording that unveils recording space. Secondly, a wall work of actuating paper rendered audible through electromagnetic means, transduced from audio to the acoustic. Conversely, both works interact on a human scale where duration and the moment of performance are made explicit to the source of sound.

The title references Andrei Tarkovsky's 1986 book of a similar name 'Sculpting in Time', itself considered as a cornerstone text on perspectives of film making and cinematic practice. Itself translated from Cyrillic Russian to English as a text and then 'googled' into the English phonetic alphabet. To verbalise without prior experience exacts tactility of the pronunciation over the meaning. Instead of sculpting in time or even 'with' time, the work ruminates on both the materialism and exactitude of recorded time in real time, that conversely succumbs to its own physics.

This Installation is part of Ben Gwilliam's P.h.D. Research titled 'non recorded materiality: of sound medias and reduced perceptions of time' that he is currently completing at Oxford Brookes University.

Kindly Funded and supported by Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU), Oxford Brookes.

Second performance of the year, though not according to this website! I will be using hot water, cups, lights and shutters. more here:

The last date of Minoru's UK series and Im fortunate to not only host him, but also work with Ryoko Akama on this one, such a nice arrangement of artists for a phenomological evening of acoustic surfing I kid yee not.


June 2015. A rare chance to get the Zeh over to England has finally worked. Dont miss out!



The Tin Screen:'s 10th birthday
ICA, London, 16th November 2014

Cornerhouse Artist Film presents the special compilation of artist film to celebrate’s 10th birthday. A unique space for artist film and moving image based in East London, has bespoke film equipment not available anywhere else in the UK and is a vital production space for artists to innovate and experiment.

This screening includes work by artists Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghty, James Holcombe, Ben Gwilliam, Hang Jun Lee, Charlotte Prodger, James Richards and Vicky Smith. Please see below for the full programme:

Ben Gwilliam, snap ii
James Richards, Practice Theory
Charlotte Prodger, Metalpleater
James Holcombe, The Iron Toned Lady
Vicky Smith, Noisy Licking, Dribbling and Spitting
Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghty, TransTrans (TRANSFORMERS Transformed)
Neil Henderson, Circumnavigation of the Outer Trial Bank
Hang Jun Lee, Nebula Rising
Jennifer Nightingale, West Window, East Window
Emma Hart, Dice
Margareta Kern, The Body State
Mirza & Butler, Hold Your Ground
Patti Gaal-Holmes, Letters

Set up by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler in 2004, also presents a year round programme of events, screenings, workshops, schools education, residencies, studios and publications. This project has been developed with the support of Film Hub North West Central, part of the BFI's Film Audience Network.

Oxide ii will feature as part of this years 'offf the page' film programme 'The Bleeping Light: Explorative Sensoriums In Experimental Film & Video', curated by film maker Sally Golding. A great line up, showing looped of this weekend 26th-28th September at the Arnolfini Bristol
More info here & here.

Karel Doing, Spatial, Simon Payne, Sculpture, Lynn Loo, Sally Golding, Makino Takashi, Vicky Smith, Ben Gwilliam, Stephen Cornford, Botborg, Anja Dornieden & Juan Gonzales, Hangjun Lee & Chulki Hong, and Joel Stern & Pia Borg



Oxide (E165) published by editions Ent'racte. Two years in the planning & remade for the single screen, this DVD version is a re-visit to the original films and tapes that made up oxide (ii)+(iii) performance. Available now from ent'racte


I married a Foley Footstep/Hands of Hair

This gorilla suit wearing & cat litter tray crunching double bill hits Madrid this coming 5th June at Ca2m. Part of the annual picnic sessions season, we will be performing this outside on the rooftop terrace, possibly faster at 24fps!!!

info here

emptyspiel iv at audiograft 2014, showing with Zimoun.


Old work in a new show at the castlefield gallery, Manchester.
Some misunderstandings: on mondegreens and pareidolias

Castlefield Gallery is pleased to present Some Misunderstanding [on Mondegreens and Pareidolias] curated by CG Associate Sevie Tsampalla. Some Misunderstanding is a Castlefield Gallery Launch Pad exhibition and was selected through open submission by Director of the Northern Art Prize and Co-Director of Project Space Pippa Hale and former Castlefield Gallery Deputy Director Clarissa Corfe,

The exhibition will feature work by Cory Arcangel, Anton Bruhin, Jenny Core, Dina Danish, Denicolai & Provoost, Maya Erdelyi, David Evans and Ben Gwilliam.

Mondegreens are mishearings of words or phrases, which in turn acquire new meanings. Pareidolias are randomly occurring shapes, forms or sounds experienced as significant by individuals or groups. Drawing on examples such as misheard song lyrics or sightings of religious figures in banal objects, this exhibition explores how misunderstandings can lead to everything from amusing mistakes to amplified experiences of the world.
Some Misunderstanding brings together eight artists from across Europe, the U.S. and the North West of England. Dina Danish performs her own mondegreen as she strains to lip-sync to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ under water. Anton Bruhin organises the Swiss-German dialect in order of near-homophones, problematising the task of differentiation for the listener. Ben Gwilliam’s installation wäil, a play on the words veil and wail, shimmers and whispers with unheard sound when disturbed by the viewer. Cory Arcangel compresses Iron Maiden’s song ‘The Number of the Beast’ 666 times, referring to its history as a source of subliminal messages, and ‘corrects’ Jimi Hendrix’s performance of the Star Spangled Banner using Apple’s auto-tune software. Inspired by sci-fi film sets, Dave Evans’ Paper Mountains indulge our ability to suspend disbelief. Jenny Core’s drawings encourage our inclination to recognise familiar patterns in abstract images. Maya Erdelyi constructs meaning by reorganising her own random thoughts, family histories and dreams, whilst Denicolai & Provoost expose the blurred lines between subjective experience and objective reality, between seeing and believing.


A new work 'Empty spiel IV' is included in this show, realised by Sarah Sanders & curated by Julie Del’Hopital and Ian Irvine with assistance by John Lynch.

Artists included: Matthew Bamber, Sandra Bouguerch, Margaret Cahill, Daniel Fogarty, Pat Flynn, Evi Grigoropoulou, Ben Gwilliam, Antony Hall, Laurence Lane, Denis Whiteside and more

Website here


THE DARK WOULD language anthology
THE DARK WOULD gathers work by over 100 contributors including some of the most noted artists and poets alive today: Richard Long, Jenny Holzer, Fiona Banner, Maggie O' Sullivan, Tacita Dean, Tom Phillips, Tom Raworth, Nja Mahdaoui, Ben Gwilliam, Lawrence Weiner, Susan Hiller, Tsang Kin-Wah, Charles Bernstein and many, many more.

This is a moment in time when poets and many artists share the same primary material: language. Conceptual art, vispo, text art, outsider art, conceptual poetry, flarf, concrete poetry, live art, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, sound scores... THE DARK WOULD is a compelling document, alchemising text into art into text.

The anthology is split between two volumes – paper and virtual. Many of the works are in two parts, speaking to one another across the paper/virtual divide, as a metaphor of dis/embodiment, considering time, mortality, grief and human traces in the natural world.

THE DARK WOULD anthology is available for purchase, £29.99 (plus P&P) order online from distributor Knives Forks & Spoons.

This Saturday the 30th at the royal standard in Liverpool. I'm showing soundtrack to a tapepull for one afternoon only, just the way it was conceived 7 years ago!


...not much stuff from me as recent, Im a NEW DAD which is a great way to start the year! Here is my first outing exhibition wise as part of this year name packed audiograft festival. I may even get a chance to see bits of it this year!


...using my website for silent advertisement, no facebook or twitter. Curated by Myself and Helmut Lemke with a wonderful list for the symposium. More info here:


Oxide (ii)+(iii) the digital version being screened Baltimore 17th September. Thanks to Meg Rorison

New project this Friday and Saturday in Blackburn

Found:ED in Blackburn is an annual festival of live art, music and technology taking place on 17th and 18th August, 2012. The Festival will bring together professional artists from the North West as well as artists graduating from Blackburn College. This is an exciting opportunity to experience Blackburn town centre in a different, creative light. A variety of spaces around the Cathedral Quarter will be animated to provide local shoppers, residents and visitors to Blackburn a special Lancashire experience.

Found:ED is about exploring what is special and unique about Blackburn as a place that is rich in history and culture. There will be a trail of artworks that consider Blackburn’s hidden treasures, its eclectic past and showcasing new talents of the future.
Expect to participate in digital experiments, live performances, and intimate cinematic events. There will be acoustic music, large screen film projections, audio and photography. The art works will be either about Blackburn or created with a Blackburn audience. Follow the trail and learn about the art works through digital interpretation using QR codes. Complete the trail and earn yourself a free drink at one of our participating food venues.

Found:ED is host to AND (Abandon Normal Devices) Festival’s Mobile Republic project headlining the festival this year. Mobile Republic is a convoy of interactive caravans. The caravans will be parked up at the newly opened Blackburn Youth Zone, Jubilee Street adjacent to the train station. The classic touring caravan is a symbol of the traditional British summer holiday, but these caravans are not what they seem. Beneath their innocent exteriors the five caravans have been radically remodelled and re-imagined by artists, architects and activists. The five caravans will group together in a wagon circle, creating a central ‘big-top’ social space and will feature an artist’s studio, performance space and an indoor/outdoor cinema.

The artistic programme includes work from artists Ben Gwilliam (sound), Caroline and Dave from Huckleberry Films (moving image), Daniel Weaver (performance) and Jane Bennett (installation) and artists from Blackburn College include Allen Lui, Mark Purser, Jonathan Martin and Liam Eshghi.

T. @FoundedFestival


Residency at Q-o2 with Stephen Cornford: 11/06/2012 - 24/06/2012

Post Residency Presentation: 23/06/2012 ;18:00 - 22:00

The Work:

This residency leads on from Recorded (on) Delivery, a recent installation at Modern Art Oxford in February 2012. In this work they dismantled separate tape machines and posted the components to one another, each recipient producing a single sounding action with each part. These actions were recorded onto 1/4" tape. In Brussels Stephen and Ben have developed a new recording project using this methodology.

This process of deconstruction has become the work, a form of composition which is governed by the physical components of the machine but also allows for the free interpretation of an object in hand. At QO2 they have revisited this process together, starting with a complete machine. Resistors and capacitors have been crushed and used as styluses, speakers have become microphones, metal housing used a radio antennas.

Over the course of the evening we will dismantle a Grundig TK2 tape machine purchased earlier in the week at the Marché aux Puce. Individual components extracted from the machine are selected for their acoustic, conductive or physical properties and used in the ensuing performance.

More details here


A new Installation in collaboration with Stephen Cornford at Modern Art Oxford, for the annual festival of sound art and new music in Oxford.


Cardtape drafts

Duo CDR with Hainer Woermann on amplified cardboard. Edition of 100 in beautiful hand made and letter pressed card packaging.
Available from consumer waste and is your stateside, winds measure recordings distribution. Big gratitude to Stephen Cornford and Samuel Rodgers

Sound and Music in collaboration with labs present:
A new film work by Ben Gwilliam from his embedded residency at labs,
with two film & video works by Rob Gawthrop plus a collaborative performance.

Two short films by Rob Gawthrop
FILM NOISE 2006 b&w mono, 3 mins. (16mm to DVD)

REMOTE 2009 col, stereo 3 mins. (16mm & digital audio to DVD)

Performance: RGBG – Iron (X) Oxide (5-8 mins)
Improvisation with percussion, surfaces and electromagnetic sources in response to the above films.

Oxide (ii)+(iii) is a multiscreen, multiprojector performance & installation work using 16mm & super 8 film and magnetic sound.

In conversation
Rob Gawthrop in conversation with Ben Gwilliam about the making of the piece oxide (ii)+(iii) summarizing the process to reception, questioning current themes such as image & sound, noise & musicality. Finishes with a discussion.

This free screening takes place on the 26th October from 7 - 9pm at:
3rd floor
316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road
E2 0AG

For more information please see sound and music and at
Performing with Stephen Cornford as part of his solo exhibition at Campbell works

Wednesday 28th September, 7.30pm
Artist sound event. Featuring a live performance
by Stephen Cornford and Ben Gwilliam.

23rd September —9th October 2011
Gallery hours: Thursday to Sunday, 12noon till 6pm,
and by appointment.

Stephens website here:


Tuesday 12th July
7pm - 10pm
Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Rd, London, E2 9EG
£4 donation, byo poisons

JAMES HOLCOMBE dredged microcosm
BEN GWILLIAM labyrinthine magneto-euphoria
HELM patterned panic
JOEL STERN leghorn foghorn crackle
SALLY GOLDING psychotropic distendencies
ADAM ASNAN w/ James Holcombe, Louie Rice, Vasco Alves

and featuring horrific, scientifically accurate film digests and library sounds

from the Unconscious Archive vaults...

Supported by Apiary Studios,
Netaudio London,
Penultimate Press


The Language Moment

Featuring Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, Ben Gwilliam & Phil Davenport, Phil Minton, Maggie O’Sullivan,

Fri 15th April, 8pm. The Green Room, Whitworth Street West, Manchester, UK.

An evening of virtuoso vocal performance and groundbreaking sound art. Featuring the stunning linguistic contortions of Icelandic poet Eirikur Orn Nordahl, the extreme extended techniques of baritone live art sensation Phil Minton, international performer & visual artist Maggie O'Sullivan and a live collaboration between Ben Gwilliam and Philip Davenport, a sound distillation of Davenport's spreadsheet poem 'appeal in air'. The event will also feature specially commissioned soundpoem interventions by Carol Watts, Simon Smith and Sarah Boothroyd.

The Language Moment is the opening event of the international Text Festival which will continue with a series of worldwide events during 2011-12.

£9.50 - book tickets on 0161 615 0500


I Married a Foley Footstep goes to Theatre Clwyd Mold.

8 pm prompt start
£5 on the door or prior booking


New cd out on Korm Plastics

Ben Gwilliam/Jason Zeh – Brombron 16: Dots
Korm Plastics kp 3036
CD only

Korm Plastics is proud to present the sixteenth release in the Brombron series. Originally a co-production between Staalplaat and Extrapool, it is now hosted by co-curator Frans de Waard. In the year 2000 Frans de Waard and Extrapool started the Brombron project. Two or more musicians become artists in residence in Extrapool, an arts initiative in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with a fully equipped sound recording studio. These artists can work in a certain amount of time on a collaborative project; a project they always wished to do, but didn’t have the time or the equipment to realize.

Available from korm plastics


a distillation of P.Inman's nono text as part of the Luigi Nono CD launched on the 22nd November.



Performing '15 minutes for Leslie Scalapino' with Phil Davenport

The Other Room 18

4th August 2010

The Old Abbey Inn, Pencroft Way, Manchester, M15 6AY


the pollinators of eden

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for murmur

Curators: Ben Gwilliam & Helmut Lemke
Tuesday 1 June – Friday 25 June
Performance: Saturday 5 June, 5.00 – 7.00pm

A menu, tables but no food… instead tables laid with objects producing sound.

…menu for murmur is an experiment that will show new and exciting Sound Work, which acknowledges the subtle interactions of different sound work and highlights trust between artists.

As many regulars of sound art will attest, the presentation of such work in group exhibitions can be problematic due to the very nature of noise itself; its ever-penetrating, omni-directional nature resulting in unintentionally overlapping sounds. Rather than viewing the overlapping of noises as a disturbance, …menu for murmur takes such sound bleed as its central concern.

Curators Ben Gwilliam and Helmut Lemke have invited international sound artists to contribute individual pieces that will stand on their own but will also create a new collaborative piece …menu for murmur. The sound objects, which include electorinic devices, rulers and even a desk fan, will consciously be arranged in one space far and near.

Sounds will be heard simultaneously, individually and in collaboration; close listening events as well as more cacophonous ones will emerge throughout the duration of the exhibition, considered by Gwilliam and Lemke to be one continuous performance.

A performance event will be held on Saturday 5 June featuring sounding interventions and interaction with the exhibition by sound artists Mick Beck and Matt Wand.


‘William Blake and the Naked Teaparty’ guest edited by Philip Davenport

features textworks that emphasise the touch - handwrit and haptic – particularly pieces that consider emotional engagements, human space - that weird trace and corporate/military erasure of

the handmade, the human touch, the not-digital. These qualities link into the alternative tradition of poetics - and to 'outsider' artists who are owed a debt by the experimenters (an IOU all the way back to Will Blake, he and the Mrs sitting on the lawn in London afternoons, naked, drinking tea).

Contributors: Alan Halsey, Anna MacGowan, The Atlas Group, Ben Gwilliam, Carol Watts, Carolyn Thompson, Darren Marsh, Dave Griffiths, David Tibet, Geof Huth, George Widener, Geraldine Monk, The Gingerbread Tree, Hainer Wormann, Harald Stoffers, Helmut Lemke, Holly Pester, James Davies, Jesse Glass, Jonathan Penton, Julia Grime, Kerry Morrison, Kirstie Gregory, Laurence Lane, Lee Patterson, Li E Chen, Liz Collini, Matt Dalby, Michael Wilson, Morry Carlin, Nick Blinko, Nico Vassilakis, Patricia Farrell, Rachael Elwell, Robert Grenier, Robert Sheppard, Sarah Sanders, Sean Bonney, Stephen Vincent, Steve Waling, Sue Arrowsmith, Todd Thorpe, Tony Lopez and Tony Trehy

The issue goes online 15th March 2010


*SCS 10 :: Ryu Hankil, T.H.F. Drenching, Ben Gwilliam.*
Tuesday 16th March 8.00pm
Islington Mill, James Street, Salford, M3 5HW
Entry: £5 on the door

How to get there!!!!!!!!!
Nearest train station is Salford Central and is a 5 minute walk up Chapel Street heading into Salford. By bus, numbers 8, 10, 27,67, 68,100 from Manchester Shudehill and 33, 36 from Manchester Piccadilly. All numbers alight at Salford Cathedral on Chapel Street. Further details from or 0871 200 2233

Ryu Hankil: was born in 1975 in Seoul, South Korea. He worked for about two years as a professional graphic designer. Hankil was a
keyboard player in two famous Korean indie pop groups in the 90's. Hankil's music now focuses on abandoned 'non-instruments' such as old telephones & typewriters and his live sets are improvised using clockwork motors & objects. He organizes a monthly improvising event in Korea called RELAY which has been going since 2005 and releases music & magazines from his own publishing office MANUAL.

T.H.F. Drenching: mastermind of the insanely prolific and diverse d.i.y. label 'FENLAND HI-BROW', his unique performance technique utilizing Dictaphones was a core element in Derek Baileys band LIMESCALE.

Ben Gwilliam: another analog tape user perhaps a distant & more minimalist cousin of Jerome Noetinger of METAMKINE fame. He's far too young & talented to be labeled as a nostalgist for an age when 'Data Retrieval' meant winding the tape back onto the spool by hand, but that said, he is old enough to appreciate the zen mind block of HISSSSSSS.

Good grief! not a token musical instrument in sight In that line up, truly the folk music of the machine age has come of age and "WALKMAN" is the new "WASHBOARD" for todays proletariat. I, for one, am ecstatic! see you there.

A contribution to...

The Year 25 - 25 Years Of Korm Plastics
Korm Plastics KP 2525
Cassette only
barcode: 753907989342

In October 1984 Korm Plastics officially started by releasing the 'Katacombe Vol. 3' sampler. Now, 25 years, to mark this occasion Korm Plastics releases a compilation cassette, again. Each artist got two minutes and fifty seconds to fill, and there are twenty-five artists. Limited to 250 copies on blue tape, with on-body print, cover designed by Meeuw. All exclusive tracks by: Jos Smolders, Howard Stelzer, Machinefabriek, KK Null, Radboud Mens, Big City Orchestra, Edward Ka-spel, Ben Gwilliam, The Tobacconists, Francisco Lopez, Peter Duimelinks, The Haters, Freiband, Z'EV, Raymond Dijkstra, Asmus Tietchens, Idea Fire Company, Mirko Uhlig, Roel Meelkop, Richard Francis, Jason Zeh, Silverman, Illusion Of Safety, Pick-up and Stephan Mathieu. A fine mixture of microsound, noise and popmusic.

You can get it here

SCS 10 :: Håvard Volden & Toshimaru Nakamura.
Wednesday 24th February 8.00pm
Islington Mill, James Street, Salford, M3 5HW
Entry: £5 on the door

How to get there!!!
Nearest train station is Salford Central and is a 5 minute walk up Chapel Street heading into Salford. By bus, numbers 8, 10, 27,67, 68, 100 from Manchester Shudehill and 33, 36 from Manchester Piccadilly. All numbers alight at Salford Cathedral on Chapel Street. Further details from or 0871 200 2233

Håvard Volden : a player of the 'Table Top Guitar', an instrument with a long history, this guy is one of the new generation along with the likes of Thomas Korber that has been handed the Baton by Jim O'Rourke ( in his youth ) who in turn was handed it by Mr Keith Rowe ( who's history is as long & radical as his personal music taste is as bewilderingly Reactionary! ). Strangely he doesn't sound anything like his family tree, with him this ...cough.. 'Traditional' set up of Guitar layed flat with springs, contact mics etc attached comes out sounding more like Hans Reichels Daxophone recordings!
He's Norwegian.

Toshimaru Nakamura : a player of 'No-Input Mixing Desk' , again this 'instrument' has a history, going back thru David Tudor, David Berman, David Myers, lotta Davids there strangely so lets add an Eliane Radigue in ( early stuff before the modular synth got her ), but Nakamura has made this type of music making by riding the treacherous waves of feedback his own. A visitor to Manchester once or twice in the past decade, his previously minimalist style of sharp amplead pulling pops, electric line impedence hum & subtlely EQed feedback have given way in recent years to a more aggressive angular approach. It will be a pleasure to hear this development within his duo with Havard.
He's Japanese.

PLUS: in a slight avant-face on our usual "Promote! NOT Self-Promote!" mantra there will also be a couple of short sets with duo or trio combinations of Havard & Toshi with some of us, the SCS personel ie: Ben Gwilliam, Lee Patterson & Matt Wand.. They're English. All very capable players in this context. This is primarily to garner further recordings for a 2 cd set documenting the series ( release around MAY/JUNE?on the newly revived HOT AIR imprint, but keep it under your hat ) and because these opportunities to play may well be doomed to extinction in the very near future.


SCS 10 :: jean-luc guionnet

Friday 8th January 2010
7:30 pm
St. Philips Church, Encombe Place, Salford, M3 6FJ
Entry: £5 on the door

A first for the North West, this well known French Improvisor and electro-acoustician graces our shores by performing his careful pipe preparations on the historic Church organ of St Philips. Expect a post-christmas audio treat of maximalist sounds and mictrotonal tendencies. Enjoy!

How to get there
Nearest train station is Salford Central and is a 5 minute walk up Chapel Street heading into Salford. By bus, numbers 8, 10, 27,67, 68, 100 from Manchester Shudehill and 33, 36 from Manchester Piccadilly. All numbers alight at Salford Cathedral on Chapel Street. Further details from or 0871 200 2233

image::Lars Rosenbohm

04 12 2009 – 06 12 2009
WeihnArt 2009

Teilnehmende Künstler:
44 flavours, Aatifi, Susanne Albrecht, ART at WORK, Bon Bon Büro, Benedikt Brandhofer und Philipp Neumann, Klaus D. Braun, Vera Brüggemann, Anika Budde, Anatoli Budjko, Steffen Budke, Rebecca Butzlaff, Philipp Dorl, Rachael Elwell, Ricarda Enderweit, Marina Epp, Alexander Gehring, Jochen Geilen, Christine Gensheimer, Jenna Gesse, Janine Gockel, Ben Gwilliam, Heinrich Holtgreve, Melanie Höner, HORT, Uschi Jung, Harald Kinski, Cem Kozcuer, Rainer Krause, Gerd Kruse, Ulrike Lehnisch, Antje Löbel, Lucie Marsmann, Sebastian Humphrey Martinez, Norbert Meier, Gabriele Undine Meyer, Judith Michel, Michael Motyka, Hildegard Nattebrede, Timo Nentwig, Andreas Neumann, Michael Plöger, Tim Rehm, Lars Rosenbohm, Rebekka Schulte, Christine Skowski, Tim Sürken, Melanie Vogel, Wolfgang Waesch, Tim Young, Peter Zickermann

Öffnungszeiten: Samstag und Sonntag von 17–20 Uhr
Artists Unlimited e. V., Viktoriastraße 24, 33602 Bielefeld
Eingang im Biergarten vom Café Milestones

Performance and CD Launch of Lemke/Gwilliam’s
fourmill plus quarterinch

Castlefield gallery
Thursday, November 26, 2009 (18:00 - 20:00

fourmill plus quarterinch is the duo of sound artists and improvising musicians Helmut Lemke and Ben Gwilliam. In this collaboration the two artists use different formats of audiotape; pre-recorded, prepared and unprepared. From individual banks of sound recordings on tape comes a subtle and often dense music that is both composed and improvised in concrete time.

FREE EVENT, BOOKING REQUIRED To book please call the gallery on 0161 832 8034 or email with your contact details and number of places.

Castlefield gallery, 2 Hewitt Street Knott Mill, Manchester M15 4GB



As part of the Exhibition Not At This Address (1 August – 7 November), Bury Art Gallery presents an evening of new performances from four of Manchester's most active Sound Artists working today. If Not This is a survey of works that explores sound in performance, crossing the terrain where music and sound often meet inside and outside of Contemporary Art.

Ben Gwilliam performs 'molto semplice e cantabile' a new work for ice records and turntables on the relationship between opus 111 and listening descriptions. Helmut Lemke will perform a durational piece specifically for the gallery that utilises live sound and amplification. Lee Patterson will present a new work containing pre-recorded and improvised elements, where the recordings used are sourced from wire fences in Birtle and within bodies of water in the Bury Metropolitan area. Matt Wand will probably perform 'I owe it to the girls'.

Lucid yet obscure, If not this overlaps durational performance, improvisation and structural scores as constructs in time and space – memory and the moment.


WEDNESDAY 10th JUNE at the most Sofa-centric venue in town: ISLINGTON MILL, James street, Salford, (for the sat-nav savvy: M3 5HW)
doors opening: 8.00pm, your financial outlay: a mere £5.

Its only a stroll from Manchester city centre, there is a basic map and directions at the following link:

the Artiste- ( yes, singular this time, its just one man and an army of boxes & reed instuments to keep you occupied this evening, which means proportionally
much much less bad dress sense on the stage for you to snicker at. )


He's from Argentina but lives in Berlin now ( geographically hip at least! ) He has some roots in the Jazz &
Improvised scenes BUT you wouldn't really notice that reference when listening to him. His collaborations have been
with architect & speaker designer Lorenzo Brusci and very recently Editions Mego have released this much talked about
duet CD with Capece playing alongside Panasonic's Mika Vainio. I think just the mere idea of that CD will quell
anyones fears that this guy is from the Hodgkinson school of parp and futter. Hell No! but maybe he is somewhere
close to a lower frequency John Butcher. I said 'Maybe'!
This evenings trajectory will be structured around Mr Capece's 4 part work called “Marfa- Inside the Outside”
which appears to mirror ( see what I did there movie fans? ) several scenes from Tarkovsky's film 'Andrei Rubilev'

The parts go something like this:

part 1: 'A WOMAN ESCAPES' for Prepared soprano saxophone.

part 2: 'MARFA' for Sruti box + filter.

part 3: 'EL ANTERIOR Y EL OTRO' for Sruti Box + Ring modulator + no input equalizer + Bass clarinet neck +
Cassette + Mini Disc Walkmans + prepared Soprano Saxophone.

part 4: DE L'ETERNEL ET DE L'EPHEMERE. for Prepared Bass Clarinet.

Several parts of the piece have been performed in various parts of the world over the last year or so BUT this is the first time the whole piece has been heard complete.
Its definitely not Pokemon BUT finally you can collect the set and only here in sunny mancunia!

The Holiday (1408): Years later on the way to the city of Vladimir, Andrei, Danil, and Foma encounter a pagan ritual on a river bank, whose celebration implies
sensuality and lust. Andrei feels attracted by the scenes he witnesses. He is captured and bound in a stable by villagers who do not want him to interfere with their
sacred rite. They know the official church is trying to stamp out pagan ritual. A woman named Marfa, dressed only in a mantle approaches Andrei. She drops her mantle,
kisses and then frees him.The next morning Andrei returns to his associates on the river bank. They ask where he’s been. The crude boat filled with the smoldering ashes
of the effigy floats by behind the group as they breakfast on onions. It strikes their boat with a dull but sonorous thump. The local landlord and his men-at-arms on
horseback appear the next morning, accompanied by clerical enforcers. They hope to run down participants in last night’s ritual. Marfa and her partner are chased by the
authorities. He doesn’t get away, but she swims toward the middle of the river, immediately past the boat carrying Andrei, but he will not look at her. She splashes bravely
out to deep waters.
“Andrei Tarkovsky" (from Andrei Rubilev)

This Salford Concert Series brought to you by fortunate happenstance & Ben, Matt & Lee.


a few left traces

Neil Carver, Ben Gwilliam, Tomas Korber, Helmut Lemke,
Lee Patterson, Matt Wand, Hainer Woermann
Chapman Gallery, University of Salford

Performances Saturday 16th May 7-11pm

Exhibition open: Monday 18th May – Friday 5th June

‘a few left traces’ is a performance and exhibition concept initiated and curated by Ben Gwilliam and Helmut Lemke. It will be taking place at the Chapman Gallery at the University of Salford as part of the European Night of Museums and is organized and funded in co-operation with the Arts Unit. Following on from a previous event in 2007 (then the silence increased), ‘a few left traces’ is both a performance event and a subsequent exhibition that unpicks sound/music as an Interdisciplinary Art Practice, bringing together thought and debate as part of the process of making.

On Saturday, the 16th May from 7pm to 11pm, 7 musicians and sound artists collaborate together on one communal surface (20ft x 8ft table). The invited participants are established artists from the UK and abroad. Central to the performance is making new improvisations and to try new collaborations between players who have not done so before. Risk and experimentation are important.

The Audience will experience a performance evening of various improvisations and collaborations that happen in different arrangements of performers.

It is from this performance that the exhibition will form as a document to the processes that took place within the collaborations.

A body of work will be left in the gallery that comprises of:
- Recordings of the process in sound, video and drawing, individually and as a whole and

- Collected objects left over from the sound generating events.

These 'Left Traces' are assembled and projected back onto the table as the exhibition, exposing the temporal and musical processes (traces) that happened in time.

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Salford Concert Series 2009 : Upcoming Performances

Thursday 7th MAY at the most laidback venue in town: ISLINGTON MILL, James street, Salford, (for the sat-nav savvy: M3 5HW) doors opening: 7.30pm, your financial outlay: a mere £5.

Its only a stroll from Manchester city center, there is a basic map and directions at the following link:

the artistes-

Deserving of much attention for his early use of turntables and prepared records. This German based artist of longstanding comes directly out of and is contemporary to the late 70's Milan Knizak 'Broken Music' school of playing physically ruined records. In 1982 he co-founded the artists' collective Heinrich Mucken, an intermedia platform animated by a handful of experimental musicians, visual and performance artists.
His overall sound shifts between almost classical improv and abrasive moments more derived from the field of extreme noise music. This is truly Turntable-Concret and in a not to be missed evening we are presuming he will play a solo set and some spontaneous collaborations with one or two of the following artists......

Mick is known for his manic energy and originality: his playing covers the full emotional gamut from heartbreaking to mischievous,Beck's ground-breaking work and technical innovations with the mysterious and blackly humorous bassoon are often the best source of inspiration to his collaborators on stage. He has worked with many ( could that be ALL!! ) of free music's best-known exponents so I won't bother to name check, just think of your favorite player and chances are he's been there and raised an eyebrow and flapped a few trouser cuffs with his triple-tongued double reed dissonances!

Ben works with open reel tape, cassettes, field recordings and magnetic objects but that's really just the start of it, his process often uses the space itself and even more often the sounds from inbetween the spaces, the recordings, the magnetic fields themselves..
His sound palette explores time, space, harmonics and decay and in a live way similar in effect to placing your tongue on the contacts of a 9volt battery. A duet between him and Mr Van Bebber will crackle like a hundred balloons rubbed on a small hairy child's scalp.

Also known as Marie-Angelique Bueler, a contemporary classical composer and flautist coming out of Twentieth Century Music Studies at Sussex University ( where she worked with Martin Butler and Michael Finnissy.) She now predominantly devotes her sound making activities to playing Bricks in an improvised stylee. YES! Bricks! but don't expect a high-heeled version of Einsturzende Nuebauten, this amazing performer founded the band LIMESCALE with Derek Bailey and her intricate dance of scrapings and inner-ear percussives has graced a good 3 dozen CD's on the Fenland Highbrow Label and others. Dust will fly! safety goggles recommended.

I play electronics, I improvise and have done since way way back. I recall the mocking tones of those many many self important players of 'REAL' musical instruments back then: " Just a button pusher! " they would shout! " You can't improvise on a Sampler!!" etc, now there isn't one of them that doesn't have a laptop player or samplist in their trendy 4tet and yet, why do I not feel vindicated? The suspicion remains in many eyes "its just not proper music".

This Salford Concert Series brought to you by the painstaking persuasions and babysitter bribing of Ben, Lee & Matt, make use of it whilst its still happening.

Group Exhibition

'Any number can play' will be part of the exhibition 'The Agency of Words' at Bury Art Gallery. The exhibition is a survey of works exploring the performative landscape of language and identity. Provocatively playful and deadly serious, the agency of words overlaps words as material, words as gesture, words as constructs of meaning and fiction.
Artists: Hester Reeve (HRH.the), Ming Wong, Patrick Pannetta, Sarah Sanders, Ben Gwilliam, Irene Barberis, Spencer Roberts, Liz Collini, Debbie Booth and Catherine Sargeant.
Runs from 2nd May - 18th July 2009, more info at Text Festival


Salford Concert Series 2009 : Upcoming Performances

With only some loose change salvaged from behind the sofa cushions of the University of Salford Arts Unit and a vaguely old fashioned urge to see like-minded people gathered together in 3 dimensional space rather than some mybook-spaceface-twitblog-webroom, New Acoustical Pleasures and Hot Air have put together and offer up to you the first in a series of 4 to 5 evenings of rare quality noises, music and pregnant silences.

Monday 6th APRIL at the current hotspot ISLINGTON MILL, James street, Salford, (for the sat-nav savvy: M3 5HW)
doors opening: 7.30pm,
your financial outlay: a mere £5.

the artistes-

firstly and foremostly- :zoviet*france:

this band/mysterious fog of sound need no introduction, if you don't know who they are or what they have done historically to define an area of music currently bleeding into every avant-garde audio nook and crack known to man, then you'd better start googling double smartish. Not that that will help you as the Z*F entity has remained aloof from the record industry and any normal modes of promoting an 'Image'or a 'Product' for nearly 3 decades. We are very very proud to give them a space, some speakers and let them get on with it..

secondly but most certainly first classly - Seth Cluett, Benedict Drew & Lee Patterson performing in a trio.

Seth Cluett: Modified cassette decks, oscillators and Amplified Objects.
Lee Patterson: springs, objects, natural & un-natural acoustic investigations.
Benedict Drew: amplified paper. balloons, wire and charcoal.

the triangulation of these particular three performers promises some wonderfully intricate, tense and eyebrow raising tones. Quiet please! for this one we recommend you pay full attention and save your popcorn rustling and champagne cork popping until later in the evening..

This Salford Concert Series brought to you by the kindly actions of Ben, Lee & Matt.


A recent sketch from studio

opus111 ice record test 1


New work at the Liverpool Biennial

Horizon (2008), an installation of found and collected fluorescent tube starters. Shown as part of the Gaia Project 'Urban/Ecology' as part of the independants section of the Biennial. more info here
Documentation to follow in the work pages


New CD out on NurNichtNur

Fourmill plus quarterinch

Duo cd with Helmut Lemke on Tapes
Limited edition boxed with prints

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