...Menu for Murmur 2010
Group exhibition, various objects

Curated by Ben Gwilliam & Helmut lemke

Contributions from: Claus van Bebber, Berserker, Chop Shop, Seth Cluett, Matt Dalby, G. Fisher, Rob Gawthrop, Chris Gladwin, Adolfo Guevara, Ryu Hankil, Paul Haywood, Espen Jensen, Petri Kuljuntausta, Bob Levene, Urban Mäder, Jonathan May, Lee Patterson, Stan Pete, Kirsten Reese,
Henning Schweichel, Hans Specht, Tony Trehy, Frans de Waard, Matt Wand, Hainer Wörmann, Jason Zeh

A menu, tables but no food… instead tables laid with objects producing sound.

Taking sound bleed and the subjective essence of listening as a central concerns, curators Ben Gwilliam and Helmut Lemke invited international sound artists to contribute individual pieces that can be listened to on their own but also create a new collaborative piece where it is heard as a whole.
The sound objects, which included electronic devices, rulers and even a desk fan were arranged in one space far and near.

Sounds are heard simultaneously, individually and in collaboration; close listening events as well as more cacophonous ones emerged throughout the duration of the exhibition, considered by the curators to be one continuous performance.

…menu for murmur is an experiment that acknowledges the subtle interactions of different sound work and highlights an indirect trust between curators & artists.

Preview event was accompanied by two new solo performances from Mick Beck & Matt Wand

Exhibited at the Chapman Gallery 1st-25th June 2010
Funded by the University of Salford