Empty spiel I-III 2005-2007
manipulated magnetic actions on tapes

A short series of investigations and experiments into some form of physical property of magnetic tape which is simply a process of drawing.

empty spiel I

Now exists as a unusable cassette tape, a room sized loop is set up and left to record a room using two samson CS drum microphones and reel to reel machine, duration of one week. The erase head was removed to scribe over itself again and again... Resulted in a near oxide less tape, but fragments of tone build up remain.

empty spiel II

A proposal to the annual klang labor in Kleve, Germany: Lengths of 1/4" audio tape are used to line the insides of several envelopes. Posting them between the home address and the destination of the gallery, it was intended to see if the magnetics of the sorting and other machinery during the journey of each envelope would somehow effect the content of the tape.

Upon arrival the fragments were re-spliced in random to one loop amassing 30 metres and replayed using several tape machines in the space. Erasure had taken place and the diffusion of multi speaker playback resulted in an abstracted sound that the final cutup had removed the control of the artists composition.

emptyspiel III

Cutting up a video transfer of WS Burroughs & Ian Sommervilles' collaborative film 'Towers open fire' (1969), and running the video tape past a magnetised tool and repeated several times. Sound removed.