I married a Foley Footstep!! (Matt Wand/Ben Gwilliam) 2010

Super 8 Film performance, electronics, amplified surfaces, various objects. Duration ca. 29 mins

The Infant Stumbles,
The Optimistic Skip,
The Determined Trot,
The Impatient Pace,
The Brainwashed March,
The Blistered Waddle,
The Unbearable Trudge,
The World Weary Shuffle,
The Inebriate Stagger,
The Murderous Creep,
The Terrified Sprint,
The Gumshoe Stalk,
The Scaffold Walk,
Stepping Into Oblivion.

"In 'I Married a Foley Footstep!', a live sound effects track is performed to a snowballing montage of recently shot and found footage of footsteps, partly inspired by Cleo Ɯbelmann's rarely seen gem, Mano Destra.

The Foley artist is one of cinemas unseen, essential contributors. People have talked of their strange relationship to cinema, how they can never fully immerse themselves in the fiction of watching film; the sound of the ape discovering the tool in a bone from 2001: Space Odyssey is just a dead pig being hit with a stick to them.

By 'Marrying' the extreme close-up doppelganger sounds of Foley, such as the crunching of cat litter, the rumble of many inflated rubber gloves or 9 volt batteries skipping across bathroom tiles to the comedy/nihilist journey of life, Matt Wand & Ben Gwilliam perform an audio Ventriloquist act. A parallel sound universe of cinema is revealed, Foley is re-heard & un-masked at last as musique concret. Reductionist cinema ad absurdum."

Glimmer 2011: I Married A Foley Footstep + Hands Of Hair from small suitcase on Vimeo.

Premiered at 'Abandon Normal Devices' festival, October 2010.
Performed at Theater Clywd Wales, Bordelines Film Festival 2011, and Glimmer short film Festival Hull.

Picnic sessions 2014, cA2m madrid, the I married a Foley Footstep/hands of hair double bill.

Commisioned by the Cornerhouse as part of 'Abandon Normal Devices' 2010.