molto semplice e cantabile 2009/2010
Performance for ice records, turntables & appropriations

Working from a fictitious description of listening to Beethoven’s piano Sonata 32 C-minor, this piece sounds a process of melting & time by using turntables to play various different copies of this Sonata, albeit negatives pressed into Ice.

Originally conceived as an experiment to compare the tonality, harmonics and sheer malleability of pressed ice on turntables, the process turned back to the many layers involved in listening: time, situation, memory, individual human auditory capacities...

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This listening description involves a memory of ice which is attached to this piece of music for the specific situation it was heard in. Collecting many different releases of the piece by pianists from the last 80 years, all with minor differences in the interpretation and duration, has an ironic relationship with the moment of performing. The space and relative conditions differ each time in temperature and humidity as well as the acoustic properties of the event.

**Forthcoming version to be released as a 10" clear vinyl in limited edition of 500 pressing. Due late 2010**

Commissioned by Bury Art Gallery as part of the If not this event September 2009