A short exercise in trying, then stopping

It was all that time ago in 2007 whilst I was working at the University of Salford that Lee Patterson and were talking about the (then) current Experimental/Improvising music scene in and around Manchester, that we asked a bit coyishly to the Arts Programme Manager at Salford (my boss!!) for some money to put some concerts together. As it turned out, Ian was very much into reading the wire and was mainly into anything between John Cage to Terry Riley to the Fall. He could'nt see it fit into the Classical music model already on campus, so hey presto the Salford Concerts Series was born (SCS for those not wishing to buy furniture).

We were in a lucky position to offer visiting musicians and artists set fees, or guaranteed door money plus expenses, a position which dosent seem to marry often with this field in Northern England (or elsewhere maybe). So we envisaged with our funds to run one series fully spent and most likely see what happens. 2007 saw concerts from Will Guthrie, Jez Riley French, Dom Lash, Patrick Farmer, Rhodri & Andharad Davies, Bill Thompson, Toshimaru Nakamura + Billy Roisz, Michael Vorfeld, Helmut Lemke & Claus van Bebber.

We gave 2008 a miss as both Lee and I were busy on other projects (we always managed this around the other projects and commitments that we were working on), and thought that our little blip was as far as it was going to be.

Early 2009, everyones favourite improvising plunderphonic sampler Matt Wand had come one board with a new refreshed interest in what was going on. It was great for Matt to input as he was around putting stuff on back in the 80's in the area. Relighting the interest with Ian at Uni was simple and then the season started again. 2009 & 2010 saw Zoviet*France, the trio of Lee P, Ben Drew, Seth Cluett, Claus Van Bebber(again), sonic pleasure, Mick Beck, a world premier by Lucio Capece, Lemur, Jean luc guionnet, Toshimaru Nakamura + Havard Volden, THF Drenching and Ryu Hankil.

The Global recession was well in motion, cuts started to come in early 2010 and the funding stopped, and so did we. Funding meant that we could provide a steady programme, without it; its better to stop.

I imagine that some recordings of the concerts will appear on the internet at some via the musicians themselves, we passed the recordings on to the respective players.

So till then, heres a selection of posters...