(slo)aris 2012/13

2 channel rear projection, 4:3 dvd pal endless loop, found flourescent tube starters & electrics.

(slo)aris 2012. PREVIEW from Audiograft 2013 from Ben Gwilliam on Vimeo.

Appropiated footage from Andrei Tarkovskys' & Steven Soderbergs' screen adaptations of Stanislaw Lem's Solaris. As described in the text, Kelvins moments of thought, stares and listening are represented on screen by super slow water shots (Tarkovsky) & over red CGI lightening (Soderberg). Collected clips are sequentially slowed down to the original lengths of the respective films. These recorded moments of time and sound are subsequentially imposed in a live situation that will run endlessly into permutations of recorded time with the current.